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Mobile Support Unit
  • The PickTrace Mobile Support Unit was designed to offer farmers an easier and safer way of transporting PickTrace's data tracking software.   
  • The unit shown below is the fourth generation of Picktrace's Mobile Support Unit.

Built for farmers to efficiently track produce

Crop Scale:
Measures crop weight after an employee has picked and filled a bin.
A simple stress analysis was performed to insure proper structural integrity while the scale reaches its max load capacity. 
Printer Shelf:
This  sheet metal attachment was added to carrier the printer
Pelican Case:
A waterproof Pelican Case was chosen to provide a lockable protective container. 
Future Manufacturing:
The initial development of this unit will only need to satisfy a small volume of customers, so mass production techniques will not be needed.

Build Your Own

All components of this trailer are available at your local hardware store. (not including the PickTrace hardware)
The Dolly:
The unit was designed around a simple dolly frame to lower cost while providing an available
platform no matter the location.
Crop Scale:
Measures crop weight after an employee has picked and filled a bin.
Side Platforms:
Allows for more working room
When the user transports the trailer, he or she will need to bring in the side platforms in and rotate the trailer 90 degrees. They will also need to lock the brackets into place.
Locking Bracket:
This feature locks the bottom box into position while being transported.

Concept Generations

Generation 1
Generation 2
This initial concept was modeled off a standard small bed trailer. The size of this trailer allows for two car batteries to help power PickTrace's hardware. This also gives the customer an option to add a small lockable tool box for extra components.
The second generation of this mobile support unit was modeled off a small and more cost effective trailer. At the same time, this trailer can be modified to have a locking container which helps protect the hardware against theft. A small fabricated platform was also added encase the customer wanted to add batteries or other utility equipment.