Hi, I'm Andrew

Product Manager | Development Engineer
in Denver, CO
I am a motivated engineer with the heart of an entrepreneur delivering 5 years of experience in professional product management and new business development. 

Career Goal

To promote company growth using advanced engineering and product management solutions within a fast-paced environment.


  • Led the development of a multi-million dollar medical device from initial concept to market. 
  • Helped grow company evaluation by $12M by implementing an Agile framework to effectively execute and deliver product features. 
  • Pioneered autonomous vehicle connectivity to the global automotive industry through proven product development techniques and innovative features.
  • Developed valuable relationships across multiple industries to improve customer needs and to seek new innovation within all product lifecycles.



What I do best

1. Product Management

The Customer

The Company

I provide technical feedback to the customer through a strong engineering background and product experience.
I serve as the Product Manager to provide product transparentcy and to promote company strategy within a competitive market.

Building a Valuable

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The Team

I work alongside the development teams as the Product Owner to implement product requirements and to insure customer needs are met.  

2. Product Development

 I develop products from initial Design Input to full scale Manufacturing.  
I have successfully built and produced multiple products thoughout the entire   product life cycle. My love for engineering has led me to develop innovative solutions for various customers and in doing so has helped me build a valuable network. 
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Personal Bio

I am an outdoorsman

I was born and raised in Southern California.
I moved to Denver in 2016.
I have a beautiful wife and 2 dirt bikes.
I am obsessed with the great outdoors.
I am an Entrepreneur at heart. 
I'd rather be with other people than by myself.
I started my own consulting work to create and build peoples ideas. 
I believe success is gained by hard work.
To positively inspire others is my life goal!



My Passion in Life

  1. Develop Products
    Develop Products
    I have a strong passion for not only developing new ideas but working with my hands to generate the solution. From design to manufacturing to working with the clients in the field, I truly enjoy it all!
  2. Innovate and Inspire
    Innovate and Inspire
    If you ask anyone about me, the first thing they'll tell you is how motivated I am in creating and developing new ideas. This is definitely my gift to the people around me.
  3. Building Relationships
    Building Relationships
    Life is about the people you meet and the network you develop. Positively interacting with co-workers, customers and anyone around me, helps brighten everyone's day and helps me strive to become a better version of myself.

| Flagstaff, AZ (2008-2013)

College Education:
      Bachelor of Science
          Mechanical Engineer (emphasis in Biomechanics)
      Associates degree:

Design Portfolio
Advanced Laproscopic Surgical Device
| In final development
I led the development of an electro-mechanical surgical device in a $2B market from initial concept to manufacturing. This includes 3D design, prototyping, testing, mold designing and validating product performance as surgeons operate with it for the first time.
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Surgical Clip Applier
| Active Product
This Clip Applier was created to increase customer satisfaction by improving patient outcomes and reducing cost. In 2016, I developed a new design that allows for smoother clip deployment while simplifying the assembly and lowering production cost.  
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PickTrace Mobile Support Unit
| Active Product
I developed multiple iterations of PickTrace's mobile support unit from start to finish. This product was created to provide farm employees a more simplistic and effective means of managing produce with PickTrace's rapidly growing platform. It utilizes a scale, printer and large Pelican case to safely hold and transport hardware. The development of this mobile unit consists of 4 generations. Click on the link below to see all 4. 
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Rural World Wind Turbine 
| In funding
I developed this wind turbine to supply energy to rural world countries that live off the grid. This wind turbine incorporates low-fidelity materials and a simplistic assembly while containing the potential to power a small apartment. After a few design iterations, I built a prototype to tests its capability and ease of assembly. I am currently looking for funding to ship blue prints with a few electronic components to various third world countries. 
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QuadCAD Development
| Consulting
I started QuadCAD to not only develop my own products but to bring other entrepreneur ideas to life. Working as a self employed engineering consultant has lead me to submit various patent provisional as well as gain valuable relationships with multiple manufacturing vendors. All models produced by QuadCAD were designed and generated by me using SolidWorks and should not be copied.
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Surgical Clip Applier
| Active Product
This Clip Applier was created to improve customer satisfaction in both pacitant outcome and cost reduction. The design provides a reliable and compfortable feel for surgens all over the world. In 2016, I developed an update to this device that provides the user with a smooth and more intuative action. This update also allows for more symplistic assmelu while provideing and cost reduction.
Denver, Colorado
United States of America
Tel.: 949-632-5077
Email: A.McCarthy201@gmail.com